This Asset Verification app allows users to capture and record data against a hierarchical asset structure, make notes linking multiple photos, scan and verify information, and log GPS co-ordinates.

Leveraging the capabilities of iPads and Tablets, TagMan allows searching, data capture, asset reading and storing of multiple photos of equipment against the specific tag.

TagMan can be used in highly restrictive environments and is fully Bluetooth integrated.

TagMan can also be configured as an interface with any Computerised Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) and can be used to verify and add data, view schematics, mark-up and photograph assets.

TagMan features resilient connectivity for uninterrupted availability – online, offline and occasionally connected.


  • Easy to install, no training required
  • No data re-entry is required, reducing errors, time and costs
  • Captured data can be uploaded into any central repository (such as adam)
  • Any hierarchy, assets or otherwise, can be used
  • Multiple high-resolution photos of assets can be taken and stored against data.
  • Barcodes can be scanned or manually entered
  • New data can easily be added
  • Field names and reference data can be customised
  • Works on iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad Mini
  • Works with cellular, wireless or completely offline
  • Devices can synchronise with each other using Bluetooth
  • GPS positioning, allowing for easy location of assets
Tagman: How it works