The OPSView platform combines data from disparate systems to present actionable intelligence in a near real-time environment.​

Technological Advantages

  • 30-60 Day Deployments​
  • Platform supports desktops, tablets and smartphones​
  • Solution supports on premise and cloud based deployments​
  • Data sources include: GIS, SCADA, OMS, WMS, Spatial, Financials

Benefits of OPSView​

  • Reduction in outage restoration times​
  • Proactive communications resulting in improved customer satisfaction​
  •  Improved results with CAPEX investments​
  •  Lower O&M Costs derived from productivity & efficiency improvements​
  • Improved Asset Management due to leveraging operational data
OPSView previews on iPhone

The OPSView product suite includes:

Network Operations, Vegetation Management, Network Reliability,

OPSView Mobile, Data Analysis, Customer Communications and ERT Analysis.

OPSView previews on different devices