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Many companies require regular inspections of their assets but face significant challenges such as:

  • Inability to track the history of previous inspections
  • Not knowing when the next inspection is due
  • Inability to efficiently collect and collate the inspection results
  • Difficulty reviewing the defects & taking corrective action

Novin can be used for any type of inspection. Companies can upload their assets to this system and keep track of scheduled and unscheduled inspections.

Team leaders can generate work orders with the tasks and assign them to specific technicians or up from the office, and technicians can easily receive the tasks whenever they have internet access.

Technicians can periodically send data changes to the main server where team leaders can review and make decisions.

Novin: how it works


  • Easy setup
  • Inspection checklist can be designed to meet individual needs
  • Inspection templates are based on equipment types
  • Establishes the frequency and the time of the service for each asset type
  • Barcodes captured easily
  • Assigns work orders to inspectors
  • Generates work orders
  • Reports for team leaders and supervisors
  • No need to re-enter the data
  • Works offline and can synchronise whenever the user is in range
  •  Upload/download data from the website (xls/xlsx/csv)
  • Captures failures of the assets
  • Takes multiple photos
  • Pre-populated list for drop-downs so having a consistent result
  • System automatically schedules the next service based on the frequency set.