K2Fly’s InfoScope Land Access System is an innovative solution that helps small and large companies to maintain their ‘social license’ to operate on land.

InfoScope provides a single, spatially integrated solution to manage information relating to land access and compliance across multiple industries.

It delivers effective stakeholder engagement, tenement management, cultural heritage, native title & environmental management along with a full life-cycle ground disturbance process.

InfoScope’s unique relationship engine provides the perfect platform for integration and intelligence that goes beyond just connecting data.

Leveraging on cloud scalability, this readily extendable platform built on the latest technology stack provides businesses a future-proof solution that grows with you.

InfoScope manages your social license to operate on land by ensuring compliance through auto-triggered workflows, actions, watches and obligations management. A testament of the InfoScope capability is that it has been utilised by an industry leading iron ore producer to manage their land access across more than 1000 tenements in multiple jurisdictions within Australia and globally.


Management of access to land is a key and inherently high risk, high cost business activity for many in the mining and resources industry. K2Fly’s InfoScope solution will assist to mitigate millions of dollars of risk and provide operational cost reductions.

– Tenement Compliance: Applications, Monitoring, Financial Forecasting, Lifecycle Transitions, Agreements, Objections & Obligations.

– Property & Land Access: Landholder information, Entry Notices, Compensation & Access Agreements.

– Community & Stakeholder Engagement: Communication, Meetings, Actions & Case Management.

– Cultural Heritage: Survey Management, CH Sites & Places, Salvage & Rehabilitation.

– Native Title: Agreements, Objections & Obligations.

– Environmental Obligations: Approval Recordings, Rehabilitation, Obligations & Reporting.

– Ground Disturbance: Permit applications, monitoring & compliance for Disturbance, Rehabilitation, Access & Maintenance.

Infoscope diagram


  • Enterprise GIS Data
  • Document Management Systems
  • Integrated spatial workflows
  • Enterprise Financials & Asset Information Systems
  • Drilling & Disturbance databases
  • Government Data (Tenement, NNTT, Cadastre, Environment, etc)
  • Document & Image OCR & Enterprise Search