This Task Management app allows users to electronically receive assigned tasks, capture notes and link multiple photos, with progress remotely monitored via a cloud supported web interface.

Building on the powerful TagMan asset verification app, DocMan uses agile tablet technology to provide a safe and efficient solution for the management of documents and work-order based activities.

Using WiFi capability, work packs can be assigned and instantly downloaded, delivering significant time and logistical efficiencies.

Progress against assigned activities, along with additional data and photos, can quickly and effectively be relayed back to management or a centralised project function.

Removing the traditional need to interpret and transpose hand-written notes and then email, DocMan also allows the overall status of activities to be quickly assessed.

In areas where internet is not available, pre-loaded work orders can be processed efficiently, to be immediately transmitted upon return to a WiFi zone. New work orders can then also be received, increasing team productivity.


  •  Easy to install
  •  Easy to use
  •  Minimal training required
  • Load work orders and tasks
  • No data re-entry
  • Data changes can be uploaded wirelessly
  • Intuitive photo filenames makes matching photos to data easy
  • Multiple high-resolution photos can be taken and stored against tasks
  • Works on iPad or iPad Mini
  • Works with 3G/cellular, wireless or completely offline
  • Available on Ex certified iPads for Zone 2 areas.