K2fly software technologies will improve efficiency, productivity and
communication across your organisation, no matter what your industry

Mobility Solutions

This Asset Verification app allows users to capture and record data against a hierarchical asset structure, make notes linking multiple photos, scan and verify information, and log GPS co-ordinates.

Leveraging the capabilities of iPads and Tablets, TagMan allows searching, data capture, asset reading and storing of multiple photos of equipment against the specific tag.

TagMan can be used in highly restrictive environments and is fully Bluetooth integrated.

TagMan can also be configured as an interface with any Computerised Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) and can be used to verify and add data, view schematics, mark-up and photograph assets.

TagMan features resilient connectivity for uninterrupted availability – online, offline and occasionally connected


This Task Management app allows users to electronically receive assigned tasks, capture notes and link multiple photos, with progress remotely monitored via a cloud supported web interface.

Building on the powerful TagMan asset verification app, DocMan uses agile tablet technology to provide a safe and efficient solution for the management of documents and work-order based activities.

Using WiFi capability, work packs can be assigned and instantly downloaded, delivering significant time and logistical efficiencies.

Progress against assigned activities, along with additional data and photos, can quickly and effectively be relayed back to management or a centralised project function.

Removing the traditional need to interpret and transpose hand-written notes and then email, DocMan also allows the overall status of activities to be quickly assessed.

In areas where internet is not available, pre-loaded work orders can be processed efficiently, to be immediately transmitted upon return to a WiFi zone. New work orders can then also be received, increasing team productivity.


Simplifies routine inspection tasks

Applicable to any industry undertaking routine inspections
(i.e. hire cars, health and safety audits, etc.)

Mobile application with web portal

User customisable interface to input assessment data and generate reports

Resilient connectivity for uninterrupted availability – online, offline and occasionally connected

Rapid and low risk deployment which is easily configurable to customer requirements


The HandoverNotes app allows team members to capture electronic notes with photos during shifts and as incidents occur, as well as email specific records to other colleagues improving field communications.

HandoverNotes aims to simplify the workplace handover process and promotes workplace communication and streamlines information sharing.

An intuitive interface allows users to easily record information as situations occur and then pass on notes along with supporting photographs electronically. This also facilitates the instantaneous communication with management and stakeholder reporting, streamlining the OH&S function and ensuring that incidents and actions in the workplace are captured adequately and dealt with expeditiously.

HandoverNotes offers a rapid and low risk deployment which is easily configurable to customer requirements.