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K2fly specialises in delivering market-leading strategic asset management solutions to enterprises responsible for managing large-scale infrastructure asset portfolios. Our award-winning software is applicable to government, utilities, transport, health, education, real estate, oil and gas, and mining sectors, and have been implemented by over 20 clients globally.

A typical infrastructure asset portfolio degrades ~3-4% per annum.


Asset Management
and the Public Sector

Increasing regulatory requirements, audit scrutiny, and the need for transparency with all stakeholders has put even more pressure on public sector organisations, many of which suffer from a lack of resources and in-house asset management skills. These factors are often combined with constrained budgets, leaving many agencies with more responsibility and less capital to invest. Smarter, more-informed choices in fund allocation are essential for sustainability.


Asset Management
for the Water Industry

The water industry is responsible for the maintenance of essential infrastructure on which we all rely, and faces increasing pressure to demonstrate operational efficiency. Globally, water and sewer infrastructure is aging, and the cost to rebuild is staggering. With much of this infrastructure beneath the ground, it’s often difficult to communicate the importance of replacing these assets until it’s too late, and they fail.


Asset Management
for the Facilities Industry

Facilities management applies across a wide range of industries including higher education, community housing, government-managed facilities, and stadiums, and many more. Responsibilities cover an equally broad scope and may encompass facility master planning, construction, refurbishment, maintenance, space management, and ensuring a safe and secure overall environment. Today, funding shortages and mounting backlogs are increasing pressure on the management of infrastructure facility assets.


Asset Management
for the Rail Industry

The rail industry is heavily asset-intensive. Millions of dollars are invested annually in procurement and management of a range of physical assets including rolling stock, track, signals, switches, platforms and overhead wiring. Increasing passenger and freight demand across the rail industry means increasing strain on aging asset infrastructure, and new investment required. Rail organisations will have to deliver more and more, often with less and less.


Asset Management
for Port Facilities

Ports facilities are critical asset infrastructure, essential for economic communities to remain competitive as they deliver business inputs and take exports to the global market. Growth in trade, aging infrastructure and economic pressures mean effectively managing these assets is now more high-profile than ever before. These asset networks must be managed strategically to ensure long-term planning across the entire asset life-cycle so as to ensure an appropriate level of service is maintained to customers and stakeholders at the lowest possible cost and within an acceptable risk regime.


Asset Management
for Other Intensive Vertical Industries

At K2fly, we pride ourselves on a collaborative approach to adapting our solutions to new industries. If you work outside the industries listed, but believe K2fly may be able to help you, please contact us.