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“The global Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) market is predicted to grow from $2.48 billion to $4.23 billion in 2019”

– Reuters News; Worldwide Forecasts and Analysis


K2fly provides leading asset management solutions across a diverse range of industry sectors delivering supply chain visibility and integrating the latest in RFID and GPS technologies


Efficient and effective asset decisions


Global standards and best practice


SaaS design and functionality


Total asset management mobility solutions


Data sharing, integration and visualisation


Efficient and effective
asset decisions

K2fly is focused on the delivery of advanced prediction modelling and the optimisation of outcomes for the custodians of key assets facilitating superior decision making. Through implementing advanced data analytics to dynamic life-cycle and maintenance data, K2fly allows for seamless visualisation of strategy and service level scenarios to manage, maintain and deploy assets, improving ongoing service levels and reducing the time taken to undertake maintenance reducing capital and maintenance spending.


Global standards
and best practice

Global standards in best-practice have formalised and governed what K2fly has implemented across its software and mobility applications, always maintaining a focus on the understanding that asset management must be service-driven. Through our integrated business processes and “outcome driven” methodology, K2fly provides its customers with a proven asset management approach that aligns to global standards and best practice principles, and manages information across the entire asset life-cycle.

SaaS design
and functionality

K2fly has developed a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering which delivers powerful and effective asset data management for asset intensive industries where data capture is critically important to the longevity of protecting key revenue generating assets, enabling collaboration and benchmarking, and importantly is accessible anywhere, anytime. K2fly is developing key partnerships with leading cloud infrastructure service providers, ensuring the highest data security standards and disaster recovery, with hosting available across the globe. K2fly’s SaaS offering strengthens the B2B relationship enabling accelerated implementation of the software which is supported by a comprehensive learning management system ensuring each client achieves its data management objectives sooner.


Total asset management
mobility solutions

K2fly provides its user groups with powerful, total life-cycle asset management capability which is accessible anywhere, anytime and on any connected device. The adaptable and functional nature of the software allows users to access the system in an offline environment for data collection and business process execution, with low frequency blue tooth which enables the automatic synchronisation of data with the centralised system when internet range is restored. This means engineers, asset managers, planners, supervisors, technicians and inspectors can be more mobile, flexible, in the field an onsite, without losing the capability available in the office.


Data sharing,
integration and visualisation

K2fly provides a specialised asset management platform, built upon an open web-enabled configuration. This architecture supports a core design mandate of K2fly, to connect with other common business systems including GIS, document management, customer relationship management and other third party systems with open data sources. K2fly has developed this platform to operate across both cloud and on-premises systems using robust and intelligent methods that are easily managed by the client. This facilitates the clients Enterprise Data Management requirements minimising mismanagement of data and information.


K2fly software technologies will improve efficiency, productivity and
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Asset verification


Work order based activities


Building and asset inspection


Issue tracking and shift change handover
Human resource management

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